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    My work history includes working as a CEO in a leading company specialized in AV automation in Finland. Before that I have worked as a CTO in a hardware manufacturer that specializes in smart building technology, as a marketing communications project leader and as an AD in an advertisement agency. I'm a Master of Art and currently making my D.Sc. in Helsinki University of Technology while working as a CBO.

    Everything under these pages is copyrighted. All works presented are done exclusively by Kimmo Karvinen unless otherwise stated.
  • I have written 6 books including Amazon category #1 best sellers "Make: Arduino Bots and Gadgets" and "Make: Sensors". My books have been translated to 12 languages. Check out the books section.
  • Finland launched her first two satellites in 2017. I designed and built the sun sensor prototype with Tero Karvinen. Sun sensors are a part of the navigation subsystem in both satellites. Final packaging and test campaign was done by Tuomas Tikka. Read the tutorial from botbook.com/satellite/ or the peer-reviewed journal article published in Journal of Small Satellites (JoSS) (article information).
  • ZeeCore - IoT Brain for Smart Buildings used in over 300 locations. I Worked as a CTO in the development phase and currently as a CBO for the manufaturer CoreFactory. Photo by Vilma Lappalainen.
  • ZenBot - a mind controlled robot. Robot was a part of our presentations in Maker Faire San Mateo, California and in Mozilla headquarters, Silicon Valley.
  • Even novice engineers and non-engineer students can design and build an Internet of Things (IoT) prototype in four days. Read the Peer-reviewed journal article "IoT Rapid Prototyping Laboratory Setup" published in International Journal of Engineering Education (IJEE). Photos from the IoT-workshop in the University of Lapland. The course was held and the article was co-authored with Tero Karvinen.
  • Basic embedded system and robot prototyping skills can be learned during one day. Read the Peer-reviewed journal article "Teaching robot rapid prototyping for non-engineers - a minimalistic approach" published in World Transactions on Engineering and Technology Education (WTE&TE).